Orion Telecom has been sending the finest fibre and copper telecom products around the world for twenty five years!

Orion Telecom was set up to provide a cost effective way for overseas organisations to purchase their telecommunications needs. We supply into all regions of the world.

Our customers have the undoubted convenience of going to a 'one stop shop' as it were. We are engineers with a wealth of experience in public telecommunications and supply equipment to UK public telecommunications specification or other specifications if required. If you wish to solve a telecommunications problem, but do not know exactly what you require, thats exactly what we're here for.

The following are examples of the goods we supply which is indicative of our wide range of knowledge and keen pricing:

Cable, line jack units, underground fibre and copper cable jointing materials, overhead cable distribution materials, pole and manhole furniture, distribution boxes, test telephones, multimeters, tone and probe kits, OTDRs, light sources, fusion splicers, tools, batteries, safety equipment, mobile radio systems, digital point/point radio, transmission equipment, earthing materials, maintenance vehicles, cable winches, cable trailers, compressors, trenching equipment, diesel generators, diesel spares, and much much more.

Finally we will ship the goods to you efficiently and safely. Professional, responsive, cost effective. You can trust us.

Tel: +44 1634 255550, fax: +44 1634 251777, Email: sales@orion-telecom.co.uk.

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