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Adapter valve air no. 2

Adaptor contactor 2C

Adaptor spigot 3/8 x 1/4

Anchor iron no. 4

Attachment rod 2A

Bag Leather 16in

Barrier tape 75mm

Belt safety CE mkd

Bend duct 54B

Bix test probe 17A

Block terminal 27.SS.10

Block terminal 18A

Block terminal 52A

Block terminal 80A

Bracket 22

Bolt foundation indented

Bush trunking no.1

C able grip

Cable internal

Cap Sealing 17D

Capping steel

Chuck no loss 10144

Clamp collar 31A

Clamp dropwire 10A

CLI phone

Clips cable

Clip test 38A

Collar duct 54A

Collet Marker (cable)

Collet pairs 1-50

Compact test set (Chesilvale/Tempo)

Connector 8A/1

Connector Hot Melt 6100

Connector air heatshrinkable 1A

Connector bend

Connector cable air no. 2

Connector compression str 0.25in

Connector str. 1A SDMB3A

Continuity kit E1591

Coupling up piece no.2

Dekabon (close)


Desiccant pack no. 3

Drawrope no 1


Earth post and lead

Fibre stripper JS-01

G land caulking 2 assembly

Grating sump 2A

Grip wire suspension no. 1

H ead wrapping 4B

Hook aerial cable

lnserter wire BIX

lnserter wire 2A

lnserter wire 8A

lnsulator stay

ISDN jack back

ISDN jack front

Test jack 39 2B

Test jack 49 1A

Joint box 26

K ingfisher1



Kit Duct Repair 3A

Knife chipping

Knife Joseph Rogers JR1

Knife pocket no.2

Ladder steel with hooks and bars

Ladder extension 5B

Line jack

LTWK 43 8-210

LTWK 75 15-360

Lubaduk 20litre pail

M CCS BlX marker

Mounting block terminal lA

Network terminating equipment (NTE) 5A

Numbers plastic pole

Nut seal captive

O ptic Fibre Cleaver FK1 1

Pin locking cable bearer

P in steel 2 7/8in

Pliers wiring 2

Pouyet Entrance Box

Power splitter 4w

Protector 21A

Protector Module 2A




R esin Pack 2B

Ring jumper 37B

Ring polehead dropwire

Ring polehead standoff no. 1

Rod duct no. 1

Rope cabling 4 200m

S cissors cranked 7in

Screwdriver cabinet 75mm

Screwdriver instrument 1

Screwdriver instrument 3

Sign Direction Arrow 900mm

Sleeve PE no.3

Sleeving 12/22mm

Solder 7

Spike cable 3

Staples galvanised 45mm

Stay Guard 2A-pack 50

Step manhole no. 1

Step pole no. 1

Strip cross connection no.1

Strip designation 51A

Stripper Cable Dropwire no.10

Stripper wire sheath

Swivel Link SL5

T alk 2

Tape 11A

Tape 12A

Tape adhesive rubber

Tape measuring diameter 2A

Tape plastic adhesive

Tubing plastic flexible


Valve Air no.4

Valve Air no. 5

Valve Air no. 6

W allet tool 6

Washer galvd no.4

Wedge in jacks test 39

Wedges locking 21A

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